24 March 2020. Updated Statement of the FSA COVID-19 Response Committee

Since the first version of the statement published on 19 March 2020, there has been an escalation in the national, state, territorial and provincial measures against the COVID-19 pandemic due the growing number of confirmed cases in Australia and New Zealand. For this reason, the Fertility Society of Australia has provided the following new advice:

The Fertility Society of Australia appreciates the needs of individuals seeking assistance to conceive or preserve their fertility but also acknowledges that the overarching responsibility currently is to all patients as part of the Australian and New Zealand healthcare system.

The Fertility Society of Australia therefore recommends that, in the interest of public safety, patients who are planning to start fertility treatment consult with their treating specialist and discuss the appropriateness of postponing their treatment.

The Fertility Society of Australia recognises that there may be medical circumstances where delaying treatment may not be advisable and treating specialists should advise their patients if there are medical grounds to commence treatment now.*

* For more information on this new advice, please visit the FSA website: Fertility Society of Australia.

To download a PDF copy of the full Updated Statement of teh FSA COVID-19 Response Committee, click here.

19 March 2020. Fertility Society of Australia - COVID-19 recommendation

In response to the situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) has provided the following recommendation:

For individuals attempting to conceive or preserve their fertility: at this point, there is no evidence to recommend contraception or cessation of attempts to conceive, either unassisted or assisted.”*

*For further information about FSA’s statement, please visit their website: Fertility Society of Australia 


In these unprecedented times, we want to reassure you that First Step Fertility continues to provide treatment to patients unaffected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is in line with the above-mentioned FSA’s recommendation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our friendly staff on 1800 111 373  or email info@firststepfertility.com.au.