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Will I need time off work after an EggPick-Up (EPU)?

You will need the full day off work for your EPU as this is a surgical procedure. However, your other appointments should require only minimal time off work.

Can I exercise during my cycle?

It is recommended that any exercise you do during your cycle should be light and low impact, especially after your embryo transfer.

When do I collect my medications?

You can collect your medications from the nominated pharmacy before the cycle starts. It may be possible for the pharmacy to courier them to you. You will be given specific details about the collection of medications from your fertility nurse.

Can I take antibiotics or antihistamines?

Usually, yes. However, inform the doctor who is prescribing the medication. You may be pregnant and need to ensure that the medications are safe in early pregnancy. Please inform us about all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking prior to and during your treatment cycle.

Can I take other medications/supplements during my IVF treatment?

Always advise the fertility nurse or doctor exactly what medications/supplements you are taking as sometimes the effects of these are unknown when combined with IVF medication.

What medication can I take to relieve cramping during my treatment cycle?

Paracetamol is the best option for pain relief. Check with your fertility nurse if pain relief is required.

What time of the day should I take my injections?

It really doesn’t matter what time of day, as long as it is at the same time each day.

I am scared of the injections, Will they hurt?

Be assured that your fertility nurse will give you full instructions on the use of your medication and ensure that you are comfortable with self-injection. The needles used are very fine and should only cause minor discomfort.

Can fertility drugs increase my risk of getting cancer?

Ovarian cancer occurs in approximately one in 90 women in the general community and is more common in women who have not had children. Breast cancer occurs in one in 11 women, again being more common in those who have not had children. The variety of medical and surgical treatments, including the drugs used in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), may have unknown longterm effects. Australian cancer registers show no increase in breast or ovarian cancer since IVF treatments began.

How many scans will I need during my cycle?

Usually, only one or two scans are performed in your cycle.

What if my period commences on the weekend or a public holiday?

Please phone your clinic in the next business day to advise the fertility nurse and receive advice.

What if I have spotting?

If you notice bleeding in the two weeks after the embryo transfer, continue with your progesterone until the bleeding becomes heavy or a pregnancy test confirms a negative result.

Can I have intercourse during my IVF treatment cycle?

It is recommended that you only have protected intercourse during your cycle.

What is the chance of success?

Success rates vary greatly between individuals so please discuss your chance of pregnancy with the fertility doctor.

Can I go straight into another cycle if this one is unsuccessful?

It is recommended that you have a review of your cycle with the First Step Fertility doctor after each cycle. It is often advised that you have a months break between cycles; however, the doctor will determine what is best for you.

What if I have left-over frozen embryos after I have finished having my family?

There are a few options for excess frozen embryos. They can be disposed of, donated to another infertile person or donated to City Fertility laboratory for training purposes.

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NPAAC and Therapeutic Goods Association for genetic testing. First Step Fertility is committed to the ongoing improvement of patient care.

Our priority is to deliver safe, high-quality care. Our teams constantly audit and test our processes to ensure that we provide our patients with the best practice health care, satisfying their needs and expectations and improve the overall company management and patient care.

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