Access My Super provides assistance in the early release of superannuation to pay for all costs associated with your IVF treatment.

Exclusive to First Step Fertility, Access My Super can help you access your superannuation at an affordable price of $549 for an unlimited number of cycles within a 6 month period, giving you peace of mind to plan your journey ahead.

All required documentation is prepared by Access My Super in accordance with the ATO’s Early Release of Super (ERS) requirements including the psychiatrist report, to ensure approval. The psychiatrist report is organised by Access My Super within a short turnaround time. There is an associated cost for the psychiatrist report. Please call the Access My Super team for further information.

You’re in good hands – no approval, no fee policy¬†

You can access your or your partner’s super early for a wide range of fertility procedures, so you can focus on your journey to parenthood without the financial stress.

For further information, or to contact Access My Super, please visit their website, or call 1800 845 121.