Fertility health is something we can take for granted – until we try to start a family and realise falling pregnant is not as straightforward as we thought.

It’s a common problem, with one in six couples affected. It can be due to a range of factors, with an individual’s age the most influential. This is particularly significant as many individuals are delaying parenthood until later in life.

Also, many people don’t realise that a poor diet and a lack of exercise can have a major effect on the chances of conceiving.

Other reasons behind infertility, for all individuals, include medical conditions such as endometriosis or low-quality sperm, as well as being overweight or underweight.

The positive news is that with a little help from Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), many of these barriers to fertility can be overcome.

At First Step Fertility, we give you the best possible chance of falling pregnant through bulk-billed IVF that does not compromise on quality. Our treatment involves a fully stimulated IVF cycle to maximise the number of embryos from your cycle. This may not be the case with a mild stimulated cycle (low drug dosage) offered at other clinics.

As a general rule, we recommend you consult one of our experienced specialists if you and your partner have had no success in achieving pregnancy after a year of trying, or six months if you’re over 35.

Once we’ve discussed your (and your partner’s) medical background, we can order some tests and establish your treatment plan to set you on the path to conception.

More Information About Fertility Health

Female Infertility

Age, medical conditions, irregular menstrual cycles and weight all play major roles in female infertility. Here we discuss these common factors.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is often caused by insufficient or poor-quality sperm, with medical conditions and lifestyle being other important factors.

Fertility Advice

If you suspect you may need help to fall pregnant, First Step Fertility can give you top-quality IVF at a low price.

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