Overcoming infertility may seem daunting,  but our expert support makes the journey smoother.

If you suspect you may need help to fall pregnant, First Step Fertility can offer you top-quality IVF at a low price, minimising pressure on your budget and giving you the best chance of achieving your dream of having a baby.

Below is some guidance to help you either get the process underway or have your queries answered so you can decide your next move.

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Where Do I Start?

As a general rule of thumb, you should speak with a specialist if you are aged under 35 and have not fallen pregnant after a year of trying, or if you’re over 35 and have had no success after six months.

If you and your partner would like to know more about possible fertility treatment options before meeting a specialist or fertility nurse coordinator, simply visit our IVF Treatment section.

This will leave you much better informed before you consider your next move.

I Have a Question

It’s natural to be unsure about whether to seek professional infertility help and how the treatment process works, so just contact our friendly staff on 1800 111 373 or email our Fertility Advice Centre at info@firststepfertility.com.au and we’ll help you navigate through some of the questions you may have regarding fertility treatment.

I’m Ready to Book an Appointment

If you’ve decided to let us help you on your path towards starting a family, you can simply download our referral form and ask your GP to fill it in.

In the meantime, contact our team to book your free appointment – as long as the referral is dated before the date of your first specialist appointment, it is still valid.

Referrals from a GP last for a year, while a referral from a specialist is current for only three months. A current referral is required to claim the cost of specialist treatment through Medicare.

At your first consultation, we will ask you about your circumstances, medical history and any previous care. We’ll also discuss any pathology (blood) tests that we may need to perform.

We’ll then have a clearer picture of the path your treatment will take as we strive to make parenthood a reality for you and your partner.

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More Information About IVF and Fertility Treatment

Please find below a list of links and fact sheets you may find useful.

  • ACCESS – Infertility Support Group (Registration Fee Applies) | access.org.au
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine | asrm.com
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