IVF and ICSI without surprises

With a budget-friendly approach that sets us apart, we are proud to offer you world-class expertise and the best value in our field that brings your dream of parenthood within financial reach.

The majority of our services are bulk-billed, offering you significant savings because the entire cost of those services is bulk-billed to Medicare. We also keep out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum, bringing your dream of having a baby closer to reality.

At First Step Fertility, we don’t charge a Registration Fee for standard IVF services.  If your IVF cycle results in a number of excess embryos, we also offer complimentary storage fees for the first 6 months at no cost.

Below is a guide to costs you can expect under our treatment model:

Costs Covered by MedicareYou Pay
Initial Consultation Fee$0
IVF Treatment Cycle$0
ICSI Treatment Cycle$0
Majority of blood tests and ultrasound scans$0
Doctors Fees including Egg Collection$0
Doctors Fees for transferring embryo$0
Embryo Freezing and 6 Months Storage$0
Costs not Covered by Medicare (out-of-pocket costs) You Pay
Cycle Planning and Management$121 ($200 before Medicare rebate)
Day Procedure Centre Fee (Egg Collection)$1310 - $1350 (depending on clinic location)
Day Procedure Centre Fee (transfer)$340-$565 (depending on clinic location)
MedicationApprox. $100-$260
Mandatory Counselling Appointment (Victorian Patients Only)Approx. $250
Future Cycles – Frozen Embryo Transfer
(out of pocket costs after Medicare rebate)
You Pay
Monitoring and preparation of Frozen Embryo Transfer $304 - $1141
Day Procedure Centre Fee (transfer) $340-$565 (depending on clinic location)
Doctor’s Fees and ultrasounds $0

Fees current as of January 1st 2024.

Please note: some parts of treatment do carry an out-of-pocket charge, including day surgery costs, PBS co-payment medication costs and some pathology tests. For more information please visit our IVF Treatment Process page.

Information for NSW patients: Pre-IVF Fertility Testing Rebate

The NSW Government has introduced a Pre-IVF Testing Rebate for residents to cover the costs of fertility testing. Those eligible can apply for a one time rebate for out-of-pocket costs.

Note: For applications made after 1 January 2023, the rebate amount is $250, regardless of when you undertook the tests.

To check if you are eligible and begin your application, you can find more information on the Service NSW website.

Information for VIC patients: Pre-IVF Mandatory counselling

If you’re based in Victoria, patients receiving treatment will also need to attend a mandatory counselling session appointment prior to commencing treatment.  Both patient and partner will need to attend the counselling session.  Please contact the counsellors directly to arrange an appointment:

Please note that a fee will be payable to the counsellor on the day of your appointment.  Please ask the counsellor for an estimate of their fees.

For more information about IVF costs, or to make an appointment with one of our specialists, phone  1800 111 373  or email us at info@firststepfertility.com.au


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