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First Step Fertility is part of a global IVF platform as a result of our partnership with CHA Medical Group (CHA), a leading healthcare operator and a premier global leader in fertility and women’s health. We aim to provide you with world-class expertise, so we can bring your dream of parenthood within financial reach.

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Top-Quality IVF at Low-Cost

You and your partner are far from alone if you’re having problems falling pregnant, with one in six couples experiencing infertility at any given time. Our commitment is to provide you with a bulk-billed option that saves your finances from stress and gives you the best chance of achieving your dream of having a baby.

Female Infertility

Age, medical conditions, irregular menstrual cycles and weight all play major roles in female infertility. Here we discuss these common factors.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is often caused by insufficient or poor-quality sperm, with medical conditions and lifestyle being other important factors.

Fertility Advice

Overcoming infertility may seem daunting, but having experts supporting you makes the journey much smoother.

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