First Step Fertility is dedicated to providing patients bulk-billed IVF to help make their dream of having a baby a reality.

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When to Refer

As a general rule, you should refer a patient to FSF if they are:

  • aged under 35 and have not fallen pregnant after a year of trying
  • if they are over 35 and have had no success after six months
  • unknown infertility

Age has the biggest effect on fertility, but several other factors for both partners have to be considered. These include:

  • irregular menstrual cycles
  • medical conditions (such as PCOS) or other health issues
  • being chronically under or over weight
  • lifestyle influences (such as smoking and alcohol intake
  • genetic make-up
  • low sperm count, mobility or morphology
  • presence of antibodies
  • ejaculatory problems or Azoospermia (no sperm present)
  • alternative to male sterilisation reversal

Who is Eligible

In order to begin treatment at First Step Fertility, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Medicare card.
  • Fall within a healthy body weight range to meet our guidelines.
  • Have been diagnosed by a First Step Fertility specialist as medically infertile.
  • There is no financial means test – so patients don’t have to worry about being financially ineligible for IVF.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is bulk-billed

Patients are encouraged to bring their partner to the initial consultation but please note this is not necessary.

Our Bulk-Billed IVF Treatment Process

At First Step Fertility, we are committed to making IVF treatment as budget-friendly as possible, thanks to bulk-billing and a streamlined service model.

Our treatment model is not only easy on the pocket but involves a Fully Stimulated IVF Cycle to give patients the best possible chance of falling pregnant.

To give you an understanding of what patients can expect, we have put together a simple illustration of the various stages of the treatment process. View our treatment process here.

Clinic Locations

For the convenience of your patients, we have multiple consulting locations including:

  • Sydney Liverpool (NSW)
  • Gold Coast (QLD)
  • Springfield (QLD)
  • North Lakes (QLD)

For further details on our clinic locations, please visit our locations page

Referral Forms

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