An IVF cycle may result in several good-quality embryos being produced. However, as only one embryo is usually transferred into the uterus, the remaining ones can be frozen and used at a later date.

The actual embryo transfer process on the day is the same as a fresh transfer, without any need for patients to be sedated.

The thawing process involves removing the embryo from liquid nitrogen and rehydrating the embryo. This takes about 15 minutes.

A FET is all about timing the transfer to take place at the correct stage in your cycle. We will carry out a baseline check of your uterine lining at the start of the cycle and examine it again a few days before transfer to ensure it is in optimum condition.

Some of the benefits of completing a FET over a Fully Stimulated IVF Cycle include:

  • There’s no need to stimulate the ovaries for egg collection.
  • Minimal medication
  • No surgical procedure
  • Less time involved to undertake the treatment


Please note:
– All treatment procedures are carried out in our RTAC (Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee)-accredited fertility clinics, where gametes (eggs and sperm) and embryos are also stored.
– Individuals contemplating fertility treatment should be aware of the possible risks. As with all medications and medical procedures, side effects and potential risks are involved. We encourage you to discuss these at your medical consultation with an IVF specialist.